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Mission & History

Standing Rules

EWI of Houston


Adopted December 9, 2021


I. Board of Directors


1. The Officers of EWI of Houston will consist of the following positions:


• President

• President-Elect

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Sergeant-at-Arms


2. The Directors of EWI of Houston will consist of the following positions:


• Membership Director

• Program Director

• Fundraising Director

• Communications Director

• Director-at-Large


3. Business Meeting minutes will be distributed to membership.


4. Board Meeting minutes will be distributed to membership.


5. A Director-at-Large will be elected annually and may serve as Chair of EWI of Houston’s Executive Women International Business/Career/Development Program.


6. The President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and Fundraising Director will be bonded.


7. President’s Advisors should be composed of a minimum of three (3) Past Presidents, one of which will be the Immediate Past President, if possible.  The advisors shall be selected by the President.


II. Membership


1. Member in Good Standing:
A member in Good Standing will be defined as the following:
  a.  Representative must attend six (6) meetings per year
  b.  Member Firm/Individual Member must attend seven (7) meetings per year
  c.  Representative must participate in committee meetings and activities
  d.  Member/Firm must pay dues in a timely manner
  e.  Member must be current on all fees payable to the Chapter

  f.  Representative will donate a minimum of one (1) door prize valued at a 
      minimum of $50 each fiscal year (October-September).


2. Attendance.

a. Member Firm/Individual Member Attendance Requirements:  Each Member Firm or Individual Member must be represented by a Representative or an Executive of record at seven (7) meetings within the calendar year.


b. Representative Attendance Requirements:  A representative must attend a minimum of six (6) meetings during the calendar year.


c. A member firm, individual member, or representative who fails to meet attendance requirements will be subject to membership suspension or termination, in accordance with Chapter Bylaws, Article V, Membership, Section 4 – Suspension or Termination.


d. The Sergeant-at-Arms in collaboration with the Membership Director and Mentor/Retention Chair, will contact, in an appropriate manner, any member firm or individual member failing to be represented at three (3) consecutive meetings by a representative or Executive of record. 


e. Other Official Meetings:  Representatives attending a regular meeting of any Chapter, Annual Meeting, or any other official meeting of the Corporation will be credited with attendance, provided notice of such attendance is given.


f. Leave of Absence:  Upon a representative’s application, the Board of Directors may grant a leave of absence, not to exceed three (3) months, free of obligation of attending meetings, provided the applicant at the time of the request is in good standing and remains in good standing during the leave of absence with respect to payment of dues.


g. Hearing before Board:  Any representative may have a hearing before any monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, provided a written request is submitted to the President at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of a meeting, stating in general terms the reason for the request.


3. Resignation of a member firm or individual member must be received in writing to the attention of the Membership Director.  The Board of Directors may request a resignation letter signed by the Executive of record.


4. A leave of absence may be granted only by approval of the Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled monthly meetings and may be retroactive only to the first day of the month in which the request is made.


5. Life Member:  The annual corporate assessment fee for a sustaining member who is elected as a Life Member of EWI of Houston will be paid by EWI of Houston.


6. Posting Requirement:  Eligibility of a firm and classification of each prospective member firm or individual will be approved by the Board of Directors and membership before any invitation is extended by the Membership Committee.  The prospective firm or individual member, classification, and other pertinent information will be posted to the membership in writing.  If no written objections are received from an Executive of a member firm within ten (10) days of such posting, the prospective member firm may be contacted.


7. Sustaining Member:  The Chapter Board may grant Sustaining Membership status to a representative who has been a representative in good standing for at least three (3) years immediately prior to retirement from a member firm.


8. Transitional Status: The Chapter Board may grant Transitional Status to an individual, not otherwise qualified for membership, who has been a Representative in good standing and who has become unemployed due to elimination of job position, merger, acquisition, or other legitimate business reasons. A representative with Transitional Status will maintain current membership rights for a period not to exceed four (4) months. 


9. Individual Member:  The Chapter Board may grant Individual Member status to a representative who has been a representative in good standing for at least three (3) years immediately prior to requesting Individual Membership. Individual Member shall be self-employed, an employee (full-time or part-time) of a business which is not a Member Firm, or a representative from a Member Firm who becomes unemployed or furloughed. An Individual Member representative will have all rights of membership.


Sustaining members as of October 1, 2021, may apply to be an Individual Member until September 30, 2022.


10. Student Membership: The Houston Chapter does not allow Student Membership.


III. Program


1. Monthly dinner meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month; however, any meeting may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


a. When a reservation is made, payment must be received on or before the meeting date.


b. Past Chapter Presidents will be honored each year at a meeting to be determined by the current Board of Directors.  


c. At the discretion of the current Board of Directors, EWI of Houston may absorb the cost of one luncheon or dinner meeting during the year for Sustaining and Life Members, the date to be determined by the Board of Directors.  This expense will be considered annually prior to ratification of the budget.



IV. Standing Committees, including those chaired by Directors elected to the Board, will be:


1.​ASIST (Adult Students in Scholastic Transition):

​Will solicit scholarship applications from area colleges and organizations; and arrange for outside judges to evaluate the applications and select the ASIST Scholarship winners. This committee will also assist the Program Committee with arrangements for the Scholarship Awards Dinner and assist Public Relations Chair in planning news coverage.


The current Treasurer will serve as Chair of the Budget Committee.   

The voting members of the Budget Committee will be the:

Incoming President

Incoming President-Elect

Incoming Treasurer

Incoming Fundraising Director


The Incoming President will select an Advisor/Past President to serve as an advisor to this committee.

The Budget Committee will prepare annually and submit to the membership at the annual meeting the proposed budget for the ensuing year, which has been approved by the Board of Directors.


1. Bylaws:

​Will study, prepare, and submit to the Board of Directors any proposed recommended amendments to the Corporate Bylaws, Chapter Bylaws, and Standing Rules.  The Parliamentarian will be an automatic member of the Bylaws Committee. 


2. Communications:

Chaired by the Communications Director, this committee will be responsible for the preparation, publication, and distribution of the Chapter’s monthly newsletter and communication of Chapter events to the Corporate office. At the direction of the President, this committee will also prepare a quarterly newsletter for distribution to the chapter executives.


3. Courtesy:

​Will handle the arrangements and/or notifications necessary for the Chapter’s customary observance or acknowledgements of a personal nature, such as births, birthdays, illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths, etc. 


a. All representatives receiving news of births, birthdays, illnesses, hospitalizations, deaths, etc., will immediately notify the Courtesy Committee Chair who will, in turn, disseminate the information with prior approval of the President or Incoming President.


b. Courtesies should be extended in instance of sympathy and hospitalization to Chapter members, executives, and their immediate families.


4. Directory:

​Will keep the Chapter online pictorial directory in good order and up-to-date. This committee publishes a directory during the year with current membership information.  


5. EWISP (Executive Women International Scholarship Program):

Will solicit scholarship applications from seniors attending high schools (public, private and home school) in the EWI of Houston chapter boundaries and arrange for outside judges to evaluate the applications and select the winners for the Cherry York EWISP scholarship and the Opportunity Awards.  This committee will also assist the Program Committee with arrangements for the Scholarship Awards Dinner and assist Public Relations Chair in planning news coverage.


6. Fundraising:

Chaired by the Fundraising Director, this committee will devise, suggest, and supervise the ways and means of financing special activities of the Chapter.  The committee will make recommendations to the membership of its purposes and plans for securing funds after first submitting them to the Board of Directors for approval.


a. Door prize tickets may be sold at EWI of Houston meetings, and the proceeds deposited into the operating account to be dispersed as needed.


b. The Fundraising Committee will schedule the months for contribution of door prize donations by member firms or representative.  To be considered a member in good standing, each representative will donate a minimum of one (1) door prize valued at a minimum of $50 each fiscal year (October-September).


7. Hospitality:

​Will be responsible for welcoming and introducing new members and guests to the representatives, for providing name tags for guests and replacement badges for representatives, and for providing table tents to reserve tables for member firms. 


8. Membership:

​Chaired by the Membership Director, this committee will direct the activities of the Chapter in securing new member firms and in processing all changes in membership in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules. 


9. Mentor/Retention:

Will be responsible to retain current members and insure their participation in Chapter activities. New members will be matched to a Mentor representative immediately upon joining. The Chair will work closely with the Membership Director and Sergeant at Arms and assist in planning New Member Mixers and Orientations.


10. Nominating Committee:

​Chaired by the Immediate Past President, this committee is composed of a total of five members - three members elected by the membership at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting, plus one member elected by the incoming Board of Directors.  This committee is responsible for preparing a slate of officers to serve on next year’s Board, recommend a slate of delegates and alternate delegates for the Corporate Annual Meeting. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, if the President-Elect cannot ascend, the Nominating Committee will present a nominee and an election will be held at a special meeting called for that purpose.


11. Philanthropy:

​Will research and develop appropriate philanthropic projects for the Chapter and present them to the Board of Directors for approval and will have general charge of administering such projects which have been approved by the Board of Directors and the membership. 


12. Program:

​Chaired by the Program Director, this committee will be responsible for securing the location and menu for each monthly meeting.  Professional Development Committee, Philanthropy Committee, and other committee chairs will assist in implementing programs.  Program Director will present to the Board of Directors the budget worksheet and meeting notice for approval a minimum of 30 days prior to monthly Chapter meeting.


13. Professional Development:

​Will be responsible for developing and organizing professional development events for the Chapter, as well as promoting professional development opportunities offered by the EWI Corporate Office.


14. Public Relations/Social Media:

​Will develop community awareness of the organization and its member firms through involvement in civic, education, and cultural community projects.  Additional duties include appropriate written communication and media publicity in keeping with the principles and professionalism of the organization.  Will post regularly to social media.


15. Sergeant at Arms:

​Will handle the registration of representatives and guests at the monthly meetings, accept payment for the dinners, and provide receipts upon request.  Will maintain official attendance records at Chapter meetings and also assist the Mentor/Retention chair in contacting members who have missed meetings.


16. Strategic Planning:

​Will be responsible for planning for the future of the Chapter.  This committee will determine issues, brainstorm, develop strategy, and recommend programs to achieve the goals of the Chapter.


17. Web:

​Will be responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of the website for the Chapter.  The committee will update the site and work with the Chair to determine appropriate postings and information to be displayed on the site.


18. Each committee will have an Advisor appointed by the President who has previously served on such committee.


19. Each Committee Chair appointed by the President should have previously served on such Committee.


20. Executive Advisory Board:

The Executive Advisory Board will consist of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 executives.  One of which must not be currently associated with EWI member firm, the balance of the board will consist of Executives of EWI member firms in good standing. The President-Elect will select members of Advisory Board to be approved by Board of Directors at the August meeting to present at installation in October.


21. Appointive Posts:

a. Historian:

Will keep a yearly historical record of the activities of the Chapter to be presented to the President by the end of the calendar year.


b. Parliamentarian: 

Will ensure that the parliamentary procedure, as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order (latest edition), is followed in the conduct of all business during board and business meetings.





V. Annual Meeting of the Corporation and Regional Conferences


1. The number of Delegates to the Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting will conform with Article V (Membership Meetings), Section 5 (Voting) of the Corporate Bylaws, and include the President and President-Elect.


2. The number of Alternate Delegates to the Annual Meeting will be two (2). The Incoming President-Elect will serve as an Alternate Delegate. No representative should accept the position of alternate unless he/she plans to attend the Annual Meeting.


3. EWI of Houston will pay all reasonable expenses incurred by the elected Delegates attending the Annual Meeting.  Reasonable expenses include registration, airfare, and hotel room only (no room service or other incidentals) for no more than four nights per Delegate.  When possible, two Delegates can share a room.


4. Alternate Delegates must attend the Annual Meeting and the Delegates’ Session.  If required to serve as a Delegate, a prorated portion of expenses will be paid by EWI of Houston, the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.  EWI of Houston may, at the option of the current Board of Directors, bear the cost of the registration fee for Alternate Delegates.  Delegates and Alternate Delegates must attend all Annual Meeting functions that have been paid for by EWI of Houston.  

5. EWI of Houston will pay the registration fee for Leadership Caucus for the President-Elect and the incoming President-Elect.  EWI of Houston is not obligated to pay the travel expenses of the incoming President-Elect.


6. EWI of Houston will pay all reasonable expenses for the President, President-Elect, and the Incoming President-Elect to attend the regional board forum, TEXOMA, and other conferences or forums as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.





VI. Revenue


1. Invoices will be distributed by Corporate to renewing member firms/individual members.  Annual dues are payable on the member’s anniversary date, on the first day of the month of initial membership and become delinquent on the last day of the month.  Should a delinquency occur, the Treasurer will send a notice to the member firm.  If the dues are not paid within 10 days, membership will be rescinded.  


2. Annual Dues for EWI of Houston, including corporate dues and assessment fees, will be as follows:


a. Houston Chapter dues will be $230 annually for each representative, plus Corporate dues and fees as specified by Corporate Board.


b. $45 annually for each sustaining member.