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Participation in chapter committees promotes networking, leadership growth and chapter initiatives.   Each member representative is assigned to at least one committee and actively serves to ensure the success of the chapter.

Representatives complete an Interest Survey which is utilized by the President in making committee appointments.  Committee service is from October of one year until September of the following year.

Committee Descriptions:

  • This committee coordinates the ASIST Scholarship Program for the Chapter based on instructions submitted by the Corporate Business Career Development Program (B/C/DP) Director. This committee solicits applications from eligible students, arranges for independent judges to evaluate the applications, and selects the winners of our ASIST Scholarships. The committee chair submits progress reports to the Board of Directors, assists in planning a program for the announcement of winners, and assists the Public Relations Chair with media coverage of the awards.

  • This Committee, one member of which shall be the Chapter Treasurer, prepares and submits to the membership a proposed budget for the ensuing year at the Chapter’s annual business meeting in September that has previously been approved by the Board. The voting members of the Budget Committee will be the Incoming President, Incoming President-Elect, Incoming Treasurer, and Incoming Fundraising Director.

  • This committee studies, prepares, and submits to the Board any suggested amendments to the Corporate and Chapter By-Laws and Standing Rules for review and recommendation to the Chapter membership.

  • The Courtesy Chair sends out the EWI Info to the chapter, which includes announcements from Member Firms, upcoming event reminders, and other notifications that are pertinent to the membership, including members’ birthdays, childbirths, illnesses, etc. Courtesy also sends out the EWI Newsflash to the chapter as time-sensitive announcements must be made.

  • The EWISP Committee coordinates the Scholarship Program for the Chapter based on instructions submitted by the Corporate Business Career Development Program (B/C/DP) Director. The committee solicits scholarship applications from seniors attending high schools (public, private, and home school) in the EWI of Houston chapter boundaries and arranges for outside judges to evaluate the applications and select the winners for the scholarship and the Opportunity Awards. They submit progress reports to the Board of Directors, plan the program for the announcement of the winners, and assist with arrangements for the Scholarship Awards Dinner.

  • The Fundraising Committee devises, suggests, and supervises the ways and means of financing special activities of the Chapter.  The committee is also responsible for the Chapter’s annual Executive Appreciation Night fundraising event, seeking sponsors and donations. The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • This committee assists the Sergeant-at-Arms to greet and welcome new representatives and guests at chapter meetings, and provide name badges and table tents for each meeting.

  • The Membership Committee directs the activities of the Chapter in securing new member firms and in processing all changes in membership in accordance with the Bylaws. The Membership Committee coordinates annual membership renewals through the Corporate Office. This committee hosts new member orientation events and is often the first point of contact for new members.

  • Chaired by the Immediate Past President, this committee is composed of a total of five members - three members elected by the membership at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting, plus one member elected by the incoming Board of Directors. This committee is responsible for preparing a slate of officers to serve on next year’s Board, recommend a slate of delegates, and alternate delegates for the Corporate Annual Meeting. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, if the President-Elect cannot ascend, the Nominating Committee will present a nominee, and an election will be held at a special meeting called for that purpose.

  • This committee will research and develop appropriate philanthropic projects for the Chapter and present them to the Board of Directors for approval and will have general charge of administering such projects which have been approved by the Board of Directors.

  • The Program Director is responsible for professional development events for the Chapter, as well as promoting professional development opportunities offered by the EWI Corporate Office.

  • This committee arranges the monthly meetings of the chapter. This includes securing the meeting space, arranging the catering for the evening, and handling all arrangements surrounding the event, including creating the meeting invitation and providing it to the SAA for distribution to the chapter.

  • The Public Relations/Social Media Chair works with various key committees to handle media issues and coverage for the chapter. The Chair will develop community awareness of the organization and its member firms through involvement in civic, educational, and cultural community projects. Additional duties include appropriate written communication and media publicity in keeping with the principles and professionalism of the organization. Posts regularly to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and myEWI.

  • The Sergeant-at-Arms Committee distributes the monthly chapter meeting invitation to the chapter membership and receives all RSVPs. The SAA keeps complete records of representatives’ attendance at meetings, conferences, and other chapter functions. The SAA is responsible for verifying a quorum at chapter business meetings and assisting the Mentor/Retention chair in contacting members who have missed meetings.

  • The Strategic Planning Committee plans for the future of the Chapter.  Members of this committee brainstorm, develop strategies and make recommendations to the Board of Directors to achieve the Chapter's goals.

  • The Web Chair will be responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of the website for the Chapter. The Chair will work with the Communications Director to determine appropriate postings and information to be displayed on the site.