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Participation in chapter committees promotes networking, leadership growth and chapter initiatives.   Each member representative is assigned to at least one committee and actively serves to ensure the success of the chapter.

Representatives complete an Interest Survey which is utilized by the President in making committee appointments.  Committee service is from October of one year until September of the following year.

Committee Descriptions:

  • ASIST is the acronym for Adult Students in Scholastic Transition. Do you have a desire to help adults in need of an education to help transform their life? If so, this is the committee for you. This committee solicits applications from eligible students, arranges for independent judges to evaluate the applications and select the winner(s) of our ASIST Scholarships. The chapter awards an average of $30,000 per year in ASIST Scholarships.

  • Are you a numbers person? Do you like to project income and expenses? Then you have found your home. The Budget Committee is responsible for establishing the budgets for the chapter and assuring compliance.

  • If rules and procedures bring joy to your heart, this committee is perfect for you. Tasked with reviewing, updating the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the chapter, this committee also recommends changes to the Corporate Bylaws and Standing Rules if needed.

  • Did you always want to be a journalist, editor, photographer or writer? You can spread your wings and help produce the chapter newsletter EWI Connect.

  • It takes a caring heart for this committee. Sending cards and/or flowers to members on customary observances (birthdays, illnesses, hospitalization, deaths, etc.) and notifying other members of these events is the primary responsibility of this committee.

  • Do you like being in the know? This is where you want to be. This committee is responsible for keeping the chapter online membership directory current and correct (professional and personal information). This committee also publishes a printed directory once per year.

  • Executive Women International Scholarship Program, is the program for High School Seniors. Grab your Kleenex and get ready to shed a few tears as you meet some of the finest young people in our area. Your life will change as your interact with high schools in our chapter territory and find the applicants who need and deserve these scholarships. The chapter awards an average of $25,000 per year in EWISP Scholarships.

  • Is throwing a BIG party and raising lots of money your idea of a good time? This is where you want to serve! This committee assist in planning Executive Appreciation Night and ensures that the chapter raises funds to continue the scholarship programs and reading initiatives of the chapter.

  • Do you have a knack for getting people to give? We need you on this committee. Tasked with raising money to fund chapter operations and initiatives, this committee is always planning something fun and designed to raise funds.

  • Greeting people with a smile - that’s what we do! Whether creating name tags, or just being sure that everyone knows everyone else, members of this committee introduce and welcome members to each other and facilitate networking.

  • So much fun, so much work, so rewarding! As the largest chapter in the organization, this committee creates recruitment programs and processes membership applications to ensure that we keep the #1 position.

  • Is making others feel valued and important your strength? We need you here! This committee trains and assigns mentors to new members for guidance during their first several months of membership. Additionally, monthly contact is made with members who have missed chapter meetings.

  • Can you spot leaders and leadership skills? Consider seeking election to this committee that is responsible for nominating the next year’s Board of Directors and delegates to the Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM).

  • Making a difference in the community is what drives this committee. With a focus on literacy, this committee coordinates our annual Reading Rally(s), and develops other projects so that our members have a positive impact on the community we serve.

  • Learning never stops! Planning learning opportunities is what this committee is about. An article in the newsletter, promoting a Corporate Webinar, or planning an educational program for a chapter meeting are just a few of the ways that this group enhances members’ careers.

  • Here is an opportunity to explore new venues in town or find a rare gem that you were unaware of as you choose a location, select a menu and coordinate the program for the chapter’s monthly meeting. Working together, each meeting is carefully planned and executed by the program committee in coordination with other committees.

  • Can you juggle? This is a multi-tasking committee that covers many aspects. Sending, meeting notices, accepting reservations, and maintaining attendance records are a few of the responsibilities of this committee. Serving here provides the opportunity to meet every member of the chapter.

  • Generating excitement is what this is all about. Making sure that the community is aware of our organization, its mission and activities by utilizing social media sites as well as more traditional public relations avenues, this committee has fun and keeps everyone current.

  • Are you a visionary? Strategizing and planning ways to ensure the future success of the chapter and continuation of its goals and objectives are the tasks of this committee.

  • Experiment with the visual arts. This committee will update and maintain the chapter website to improve communication with the community and organization

  • Appointive Posts
  • Do you find your happiness by documenting and recording events? If so the Historian is a great position for you, as you keep a historical record of the chapter activities

  • Parliamentarian
    The Enforcer! The Parliamentarian attends Chapter Board Meetings and Chapter Business Meetings and ensures that parliamentary procedure (as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition) is followed.

    *Board member elected by the membership serves as Chair of the Committee
    **Immediate Past President serves as Chair and members are elected by the membership