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EWISP Scholarships

The Executive Women International Scholarship Program (EWISP) is directed toward high school seniors in public, private and parochial schools within the boundaries of Greater Houston. Students must use their scholarship toward earning a four-year degree at an accredited college or university. Students may attend a two-year accredited college, but only as the initial step in the pursuit of a  four-year  degree.  Students  are  scored  based  on  financial  need,  academic performance and community involvement. The process includes a written essay as well as a personal interview for the finalists. EWI of Houston works with the local school districts and high school counselors to seek the most  qualified  and  worthy  applicants.  Only  one  student  per high school is eligible to participate in the competition. Since 2011, EWI of Houston has awarded more than 50 high school seniors scholarships for higher education totaling over $185,000. These students are realizing their dreams at universities such as MIT, Dartmouth, Rice, Texas A&M, University of Texas, and University of Southern California to name a few.